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Rose 3D

Rose Parker has her future foretold and recognises the plotline of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet within the prophecy. When she falls in love with Topher Carlisle, the son of her father’s enemy, Rose wonders how much control she has over her destiny, and if it is possible to avoid the tragic end that must be coming for them both. 

While the story is a reinterpretation of Romeo and Juliet with the script translated into modern day speech, it features an original storyline twist that allows it to be read as a stand-alone story as well as a study of, and companion to, Romeo and Juliet.

A Rose By Any Other Name is a heart-stopping novel about choice, and prophecy, and whether knowledge can rewrite destiny.  

MH Salter is the author of the popular Freedom Series.

Her fast-paced fiction, and high-tension plotlines play with imagery, metaphor, and poetic rhythm to create passages that flashbulb in the reader's mind.

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