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Take a horrifying journey up a haunted mountain in search of a missing loved one. Witness a parallel existence for two lovers and see what happens when you get what you wish for. Meet Dionysus, a Greek God who doesn’t like being jerked around. Experience a future where scientists have found a cure for every illness – a cure only available to the rich – but given the chance to save his dying son, will Hamish make the gravest sacrifice there is? And what happens when a lonely and forgotten weed falls in love with the most beautiful rose in all the garden?

Welcome to the doorways of your imagination. Just slide in your key. Creak open the hinges. And discover what lurks over the threshold of your darkest thoughts. But be warned, once you enter, you may be unable to find the door to escape…


MH Salter is the author of the popular Freedom Series.

Her fast-paced fiction, and high-tension plotlines play with imagery, metaphor, and poetic rhythm to create passages that flashbulb in the reader's mind.

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